Website Instructions


  These instructions will have to be completely updated when we move from the Squarespace 5 platform to the next current platform.  All instructions assume that the squarespace menu at the very top of the page is set to Content the icon for that is a large letter A.

  The four main areas of Squarespace 5 that we use are Website Management, Contents, Structure, and Style.

  • Website Management
    • Website Statistics
    • File Management
  • Contents
    • This area allows us to add and edit the contents of the different pages.
  • Structure
    • This control area allows us to add, move, and remove website structures such as pages, menu items, and control blocks like "PayPal" and Search.
  • Style
    • This area changes the entire look of the website, and should be approached with caution by the apropriate person.


Website Statistics

  • Login to the Website.
  • Select the Website Management text or icon.
  • Under Statistics, select:
    • Traffic Overview,
    • Refferers,
    • Popular Content,
    • Subscribers,
    • Search Queries,
    • Detailed Activity.
  • Under Traffic Overview you will find a chart that can display Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Usage Statistics. This includes Traffic Summary data which seems to make more sense in the daily view, and Traffic Details which, using the monthly view, gives a picture of how the use of the website has increased.  The Traffic Summary View isimportant because it gives us daily averages, and monthly totals on three important measurments, how many different people visit us (audience), average per day and per month total, how many different visits we get, average per day and monthly total, aqnd how many seperate page views we get average per day and monthly total.  For example, most visitors visit us only once per day, but most visitors view more than one page per visit. 
  • Under Refferers you will find a list of where people come to the site from.  While daily, weekly and monthly statistics are available, monthly will generally be the most accurate.
  • Under Popular Content you will find where people go to (page views) on the site.  Again, monthly percentages will generally give more gennerally accurate results.
  • Under Subscribers is confusing information on RSS Subscribers by day week or month.  The reason that this is confusing is that we do not have an RSS Feed.
  • Under Search Queries is a day week and month display of search terms used to find the site, and which Search Queries come from which Search Engine.
  • Under Detailed Activity is a detailed traffic log of the past seven days.  It includes the Date and Time, Visitor Information Box, and Activity (Location of page visited).  The Visitor Information Box displays the IP Address (Internet Protocall Address - a set of four numbers of up to three characters each, seperated by three decimal points).  The IP Address is a link to a Visitor Detail Box, that includes the IP Address, the country of origin, the details of the accessing program, i.e. "user agent", operating system, and browser.


File Management

  There are several different types of files that the website deals with. These include Meeting Formats, Business Meeting Minutes for different Meetings, VSB Documents, VSB Business Meeting Minutes, and Delegate Reports.

Uploading Meeting Files

 Uploading Meeting Formats

  • Get on the Website from a computer.  This generally does not work from a smartphone or a tablet.
  • Select the day of the week that you want to update.
  • You will have gotten the file or files from some group member who names the files whatever feels right to them according to their computer needs.  Unless they are really insightful, the file will not be named according to the Website naming convention.
  • Login to the Website after hitting the Escape Key <Esc>.
  • Make sure that you are in Contents section in order to update contents.
  • Press the Edit Page button on the Contents screen.
  • Underneath the Time, Phone Number and Code number of the meeting on all of the pages is a link to the meeting Leader's Script, and Readings (2 links) or they are combined into one meeting Format document (1 Link).
  • We have created a good naming convention for these files. (12/16/14)
    • The files all begin with the 3 letter day of the week, begining with a capital letter, (i.e. Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat)
    • The files are then named either Leader, Readings, or Format.
    • The files are now all named "Current", rather than YYMMDD (European Date Format) on the website pages so that the webmaster does not have to change the link every time that they upload a new file.
    • The convention is for example, Wed Leader Current.pdf, Wed Readings Current.pdf, and Thu Format Current.pdf.
    • As of today not all filenames have been switched to the new convention, but they will be shortly.

Uploading VSB Files

Uploading VSB Minutes /* This section has to be updated */ (12/16/14)

  • Log in to the website
  • Click on the business minutes area on the right hand side of the page under the Navigation
  • Click on the word VSB. This is the link to get to the VSB Minutes
  • Click on the upload button on the top left hand side of the page
  • Chose the file you wish to upload
  • Once the file is uploaded, click on modify to change the title of the file
  • Title the VSB Minutes in the same format as other VSB Minutes. The format for this is: VSB Minutes 14-03-11 Approved.pdf.  (That is VSB Minutes yy-mm-dd Approved.pdf for the final version.)  It's important to pay attention to making the letters in the file title match the format so that the file shows up in the appropriate location on the webpage. The software will differentiate between lower and upper case letters when reading the file name, so please be aware of what type of lettering you use when creating the file name.  Also, the month  should be two digits, for example 01 for January.  If that is not done the Minutes for that year may all be together but they will display as January (1), October (10), November (11), December (12), February (2), March (3), etc.
  • After uploading the VSB Minutes, log out of the website.  You may have to clear your web browser history.  Check your work as if you were someone visiting the website. It's possible to do this by returning to the VSB Minutes in the Business Minutes area on the webpage under Navigation to see if the file you uploaded is in the appropriate location, with the appropriate title and can be downloaded.
  • Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. :)

Uploading VSB Documents

  • There are several different types of Documents for the VSB.  Usually they appear at the bottom of the Meeting Minutes.
  • Right now the instructions for Uploading VSB Documents are the same as Uploading VSB Minutes.
  • The exception to that is the filenaming convention.