Thursday HOW Phone Meeting

Time: 12:30 PM (Eastern) 

      US Phone:  641-715-3660  *NEW NEW NEW Again*

      Access code:  954578#  

      Group #: 55315


Meeting Format:

 Click here to download the Meeting Format in rtf.   (3/30/15)

Click here to download the Meeting Format in pdf.  (4/3/15)


  • New Telephone Number:
  • Starting August 19 (August 20th Meeting), the group will have a New Telephone Number.
  • The telephone number will be 641-715-3660.
  • The Access Code(s) will remain the same.

Service Information:

  • Meeting Information:  
  • All people with a desire to stop compulsively overeating are welcome at this Open Meeting.  (1/6/15)
  • Point of contact: Lisa C. in WA at 425-417-7605 Pacific Time or  (1/6/15)


Telephone Instructions:

  • Follow the phone prompts.
  • After you enter the Access Code and the # key you will hear a very short message.
  • Press *6 to mute/unmute your phone.  The prompt will tell you if you are muted or if muting is canceled.  If you don't hear anything but two tones after you press *6 then try pressing them one right after the other, usually faster than previous attempts.
  • Press *4 for a complete list of available commands.
  • Press *2 to get the total number of callers on the meeting line at that time.


International Telephone Numbers:

  • For international callers, there are "in country" numbers for 5 other countries.
  • Email with your name, country, and email address and we'll get back to you with a list of the international phone access numbers.