Sunday Afternoon HOW Phone Meeting

Time: 3pm (Eastern)

Phone: 712-770-4160 NEW!

Access code: 754082#

Group Number: 55127

Link to international call-in numbers(7/6/15)

Meeting recording (available for one week after each meeting):

712-770-4169, use code 754082# at both prompts.

 Meeting Format:

Click here to download the meeting format in pdf.   (02/26/17)

 Service Positions:

  • SERVICE:  Weekly we need 20 people to do service on this meeting, including leading, speaking, and readings. For many of these you do not need to be an OA HOW Sponsor. Signing up in advance helps the meeting run more smoothly.
  • AUTOMATED SIGN-UP:  To sign up for service for the Sunday OA HOW Phone Meeting, you can send an e-mail to to be added to the online sign-up site. Once the Meeting Grid Calendar Coordinator has added you to the site, you can go to the online sign-up sheet to sign up for service spots for upcoming meetings: You will also receive e-mail notices regarding service opportunities. Sunday Meeting Step Ups and Anniversary Celebrations can be handled through Sign Up Genius, or by calling the Meeting Grid Calendar Coordinator. Only one step-up is scheduled per week.  (1/25/15)
  • MEETING GRID CALENDAR COORDINATOR:  (Sign up manually.The Meeting Grid Calendar Coordinator is Molly J. in CT. If you do not wish to use the online site, you can sign up for Service, Step Ups, and Anniversary Celebrations by calling Molly at 704-277-3199 (Eastern Time).  (9/16)
  • MEETING SPEAKER COORDINATOR: Marilyn in NH is our speaker seeker. If you want to volunteer to speak at the Sunday meeting, you can sign up directly at our Signup Genius site or call her at 207-450-0543 (Eastern Time).  (6/17)
  • MEETING LEADER COORDINATOR: Dana from FL is our leader seeker. If you are an OA HOW sponsor and would like to lead the Sunday phone meeting you can sign up directly at our Signup Genius site or call her at 941-879-6100.  (12/16)
  • WE CARE LIST: Our group uses the Virtual Service Board's combined We Care List for OA HOW Two-Hour Format Phone Meetings. Follow this link for instructions and the form for adding your name and number, or receiving a copy of the list.  (9/16)
  • MEDALLIONS: Theresa in OR is our Medallion Coordinator. If you have questions about obtaining a medallion, she can be reached at at 503-719-1386, 9 am - 11 pm Pacific Time. (03/16)
  • NEWCOMER GREETER: The Newcomer Greeter is available to answer questions and will call all of those who identify themselves as newcomers and supply their phone numbers. Our newcomer greeter is Marlena. She can be reached at 510-306-6234 (pacific time). (6/17)
  • ALTERNATE NEWCOMER GREETER:  Our Alternate Newcomer Greeter is Laurie O. from Florida. She can be reached at 757-375-3304.  (11/16)
  • BUSINESS MEETING COORDINATOR:  The Business Meeting Coordinator is Theresa in OR (2/17). Please contact her at 503-719-1386 (Pacific time) or if you would like anything brought up at the monthly group conscience meeting (5-5:30 pm EST on the last Sunday of each month). 
  • BUSINESS MEETING RECORDING SECRETARY:  Sera in VA is our Business Meeting Recording Secretary. Minutes from our monthly business meeting are archived on the Sunday page of the Group Minutes section of this site. 
  • PHONE LINE MODERATOR:  The Moderator signs on to the meeting with the moderator code and monitors the meeting to maintain a clear phone line, cycling through as necessary. Molly in NC is our moderator.  (5/16)
  • SUNDAY WEB PAGE:  If you have any changes or updates for the Sunday web page please contact the website directly at  (12/15)
  • MEETING POINT OF CONTACT/FORMAT MAILER: Jenny C. in MD will mail you a copy of our meeting format if you are unable to download it. Please contact her at 240-483-9404 if you would like a copy of the meeting format mailed to you. (10/16)
  • LIFELINE REPRESENTATIVES:  Maria in Illinois is our Lifeline rep for the Sunday meeting, 708-466-6851 (2/17).
  • VSB REPRESENTATIVES:  We currently have two open posiitons for representing the Sunday meeting at our Virtual Service Board.
  • 7th TRADITION: We are fully self supporting through our own contributions. Our current treasurer is Nickie in NY. You can donate to the 7th Tradition online at on behalf of group #55127. For information about how to send a paper check, contact Nickie at (6/17)