Saturday Morning HOW Phone Meeting 

Time: 10:30 AM (Eastern) 

      Phone:  605-475-5950

      Access Code:   12128#

      Group Number: 55223

Meeting Format:

Click here to download the Meeting Format in pdf.   (1/21/12)

Service Information

Meeting Information

  • The Meeting Format and Meeting Readings are available. Listen on the meeting for information on how to obtain them from the meeting.
  • This is an OA HOW 2-hour Format Meeting. Everyone is welcome.

Meeting Contact


Meeting Type

  • Open Meeting  (1/6/15)

Meeting Affiliation:

  • This Group is not affiliated with the OA HOW 2-hour Format VSB (Virtual Service Board).

Telephone Instructions:

  • Follow Phone Prompts. 
  • Press *6 to mute/unmute your phone. The prompt will tell you if you are muted or if muting is canceled. If you don't hear anything but two tones after you press *6 then try pressing them one right after the other, usually faster than previous attempts.