The original OA HOW Series 1, 2, and 3 Questions all have page numbers from the AA Big Book, Third Edition.  The Current edition of the Big Book, at this writing, is the Fourth Edition.  Also the refrences to the AA 12X12 refer to the Soft Cover Version, which has different page numbering than the AA 12X12 Hardcover Version.  Not understanding these details has caused a great deal of frustration among both Sponsees and OA HOW Sponsors.

The Precommitment Questions 31-60 and Precommitment Questions 61-70 seem to be an effort to allow the newcommer to progress through the first three series of questions in a more standard numerical order.  They are both much newer than the origonal OA HOW Series 1,2, and 3.

It is not suggested that any OA HOW Sponsor try to progress a Sponsee through Precommitment Questions 61-70 AnnArbor Edit.  It is obvious from any but the most casual glances at these questions that they are filled with a variety of typographical errors and have not been adequately proofread.